How does it work?

DETOUREMOI is easy to use. The process is easy and straightforward. Just call us or send us an email
Here are the steps.

Step 1: Send us your request by email or phone

A representative will contact you. You will be able to express your needs (background, format, size, retouching …). It will be your only interlocutor.

Step 2: Send us the different work

You can send us all your work via email, FTP, CD-ROM or drop box.

Send your photos

icon .zipin a compressed file. zip or. rar

We offer you several methods that you can send us your photos.
Once you have made contact with one of our advisers by email or phone, you can define together the best way to send your photos.
You can send them by email, CD ROM, FTP, Drop Box or others.
If you have a large number of images, it is also possible to use our FTP. If you wish to use this option, please email or

Step 3: We are your photos.

When the work is completed, we will send you confirmation of your photos for you. In the unfortunate event you are not satisfied, you can of course reject some of our pictures, we just stick more to reshape your expectations. We will be happy to rework until you are completely satisfied.

Step 4: Payment (except in the case of your free test)

We will automatically send an email with your quote before placing your order. After acceptance of the quote, you have 3 options on how to pay your order:

icon means of payment

  • Via Paypal. You will receive a link on our part that will take you directly to a secure payment page online.
  • By bank transfer
  • By check, payable to POPMOI (détouré MOI) 9 rue Corneille, 92120 Montrouge, FRANCE

You will receive your bill counting your monthly orders at the end of the month, you can pay at the beginning of next month.

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