Editing photos

We carry several types of photo editing:

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Our photo editing packages

Colorizing product photos for use as samples for printing in catalogues allows you to considerably reduce your costs because you only need one shot of your product. Our team can then take the image and reproduce it in any combination of colors you specify. In fact, it’s much, much cheaper and easier to take a single shot and colorize it, because in reality it’s often difficult and time consuming to capture all the colors correctly.

Colorized pictures

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How does it work?

  • Free estimate: In order for us to estimate the amount of editing work involved, send a representative set of 5–10 photos to us at contact@detouremoi.com
  • We send you a quote based on the outcome of our tests
  • You send us your photos via Serfer FTP, YouSendIt, WeTransfer or Dropbox.
  • We return the completed photos within 24–48 hours depending on quantity.
  • You send payment by the end of the month.
  • We accept payment via PayPal, check, or credit transfer..

Why choose us

  • Prices start at €0.39 per photo plus tax.
  • Simplified system.
  • Completed photos returned within 24–48 hours depending on quantity.
  • We guarantee 100% Customer satisfaction.
  • High quality photo editing.
  • Substantial discounts on large orders.
  • Leaving your photographic needs to us allows you to focus your energy on running your business.
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